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The Pick Bag

The elasticity of the Pick Bag allows it to match any variant of the most popular pick shapes.

Guitar players have been plagued by picks slipping for many years – many companies have tried to solve this problem with little or no effect. The Pick Bag is the only truly effective means of coping 100% with this problem.

Picks come in different shapes, some with notches, holes or rough patches in an effort for overcome the problem and improve the adhesion of this small but vital piece of plastic to our fingers. Imagine you are in a hot and stuffy club and you are on stage beginning to feel the heat. The adrenaline is flowing through your body and you begin to sweat. What happens then to the pick between your fingers ? You’ve lost it between your 2nd and 3rd riff !

It is sometimes easy to drop the plectrum during a fast chord play on an acoustic guitar if you do not have complete control with your fingers.

You might have found your own ‘solution’ to the problem of a slippery pick. If not then ‘The Pick Bag’ is here to help. This is a small piece of rubber ‘clamp’ that fits nicely over a pick. It helps to hold the pick as if it was glued to your fingers. Not only does it eliminate the problem of sweaty (or cold) fingers but it also allows you to hold the pick at the angle you prefer. It wasn’t always possible to do this when the pick was moving so easily between your fingers.

An additional benefit which will be found is how much lighter you need to hold the pick with The Pick Bag attached. Without the Pick Bag attached you had to hold the pick tightly between your fingers causing fatigue to quickly set in. But with a Pick Bag attached you can concentrate more on playing and details like articulation, speed etc are much easier to apply.

The Pick Bag is available in sizes that suit the standard pick but now also comes in a slightly smaller size to fit the Jazz pick and because of the elasticity of the Pick Bag it allows a perfect fit on any pick regardless of slight variations in size of the original pick. Thanks to The Pick Bag we can now experiment with a variety of pick thicknesses, shapes and sizes until we find the ‘perfect’ choice. Another big advantage of The Pick Bag is its durability. The Pick Bag will outlive your pick many times over allowing it to be used on pick after pick before needing replaced. This makes the Pick Bag a very cost effective solution.

The Pick Bag will be an unnecessary addition for some people but for others it is essential to allow your technique to be fully taken advantage of – for the small cost involved it is definitely a product worth trying and only then will you be convinced, like many others, of how effective The Pick Bag actually is!