After 5 YEARS of RESEARCH and manufacturing more than 100 prototypes I developed the »ULTIMATE« Stone Pick.

Why are these picks so DIFFERENT from what you find on the market today?

First of all these picks are SANDBLASTED and NOT POLISHED!
Therefore the SURFACE is a little bit rougher compared to polished picks, which gives you a BETTER GRIP.

Second I created a very special type of edge. The edge is HANDCRAFTED for a specific kind of roughness, which gives you a WONDERFUL POSITIVE CONNECTION with the STRING.

It FEELS like BRUSHING the string with an unsurpassed beautiful feel and ULTIMATE TONE CONTROL. NO OTHER PICK on this planet provides this beautiful feel.

THESE PICKS are manufactured from red agate. A SEMIPRECIOUS STONE with PERFECT CHARACTERISTICS for creating STONE PICKS.

I tested a lot of DIFFERENT MATERIALS over the years but never found anything better considering TONE and PERFORMANCE.


WiD Products


height: 27mm
width: 25mm
thickness: 1,7mm

A SMALLER type of pick like the PAUL GILBERT model from Ibanez. But not as small as a DUNLOP JAZZ III.

The TIP of this pick is OPTIMIZED for EXTREME FAST PICKING. The ROUNDED SIDES of the pick are OPTIMIZED for an UNBELIEVABLE FAT TONE, especially if you use a clean setting.

For those who have CONTROL problems regarding sweating of the playing hand I have a genius solution. I worked a deepening into the pick where you can INLAY my perfectly engineered all natural organic rubber compound called »THE MINI STICKER« for maximum grip ability. Or you can use the »PICK BAG« which is a KILLER combination of TONE and GRIP!

WiD Products


height: 30mm
width: 27mm
thickness: 1,7mm

A BIGGER type of pick like a standard FENDER HEAVY.

The TIP of this pick is OPTIMIZED for an UNBELIEVABLE FAT TONE, still allowing you to pick very fast. The ROUNDED SIDES of the pick are OPTIMIZED for MEGA FAT CLEAN TONES, heard from Pat Metheny or Pat Martino.

WiD Products


height: 30mm
width: 28mm
thickness: 1,7mm

A BIG type of pick like a FENDER 346 SHAPE CLASSIC.

The tip of this pick is optimized for EVEN FATTER TONE, still allowing you to pick very fast. The ROUNDED SIDES of the pick are OPTIMIZED for the FATTEST CLEAN TONES EVER.


These picks are hand crafted by the finest craftsmen worldwide.


EVERY PICK is a little unique cause they are hand crafted but on the other hand CONSISTENT as can be. THESE PICKS NEVER CHANGE TONE, 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, your LIFE LONG.


A LAST WARNING HERE, if you play your mean lead tone with one of THESE PICKS you may NEVER USE synthetic materials again…

The Stone Pick

Here you can hear the »Ultimate« Stone Pick in action…

      Electric Sitar
      GR 300
      Nylon String